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2216 Dundee Rd, Suite 5- Louisville, Ky 40205

Pra-con (Prather Construction, Llc) General Contractor

WHO WE ARE  Prather Construction, LLC is licensed, bonded, and insured in 28 states. Our experience is measured in decades, with projects for regional and national brands in all the states in which we are licensed.

This wide geographical experience should be important to you, because it means we bring to each job, regardless of the state, thoroughly vetted subcontractors, who we know are exceptional within their specialty.

These subcontractor relationships also give us the ability to bid a job faster and more accurately, within the specific marketplace, with real world numbers that not only incorporate actual labor and material costs specific to the sub-market, but also the regulatory costs and impacts associate with the individual municipality, the state and those required Federal mandates.

These trusted relationships also give us distinct advantages, particularly in this economy.

First, our subcontractors have always been paid by Prather Construction, LLC, per our agreements and on-time, with all required lien waivers fully executed. This translates in to a mutually trustworthy relationship, and the strong likelihood that a specialized subcontractor is far more likely to work with us then another contractor with less of a reputation.

Secondly, because of these relationships, we have a greater assurance not only of the accuracy of our bid numbers, but also that our subs have the financial wherewithal to start and finish their specific job without issue.

Third, we are able to orchestrate the start of a job much faster then our competition, not only because of our subcontractor relationships, but because in all likelihood within any of the submarkets we are focused upon, we have already completed one or more projects, and thus have first hand knowledge of the market, the regulatory requirements & costs, and have a supply chain relationship with the local construction material suppliers.

Last, but not least, this orchestration of a quicker job start, handled by an on site experienced PRA-CON supervisor, who is fully cognizant of our quality mantra, and fully vested in the concept, that time is money lost by you.

I am a second generation general contractor, raised in this business by my father. After a 12 year detour as a tax professional, I decided to return to this business 20 years ago, and I am its president and guiding hand. As my references will attest- I personally bid all jobs,  I am on the job site, and I take full responsibility for the promised quality and timeliness of our work.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US ". . . highly organized, efficient, and dependable. . ."

". . . their business dealings are based on high ethics and sound construction practices. . ." 

"They are dependable, honest and provide quality at a fair price. . ." 

". . . it would be a pleasure to continue to do business with them again."

Damien Prather, Owner
Prather Construction, LLC (PRA-CON)